The Seeker and the Sought

A man saw a fat turkey, and he wanted it for dinner. He tied a hook to an invisible long piece of string, baited it with a grain of corn, and threw it towards the fowl.  Once the turkey swallowed the hook, he ran, dragging the creature all the way to the kitchen.

On the dinner table, the man said joyfully to his guests: “I didn’t seek the bird, but the bird sought me.”

“Surely, turkeys are stupid creatures if they can be lured by a small grain of corn,” I hear you sniff. But have you ever, at the sight of an ad popping up on your screen and displaying a whatchamacallit, manoeuvred your mouse and clicked on it, showing the same willingness as the fat turkey swallowing the hook? Jeff Bezos has every right to say the same thing to the fat turkeys who are his customers, “I didn’t seek the birds, but they sought me.”


(Note: The Man and the Turkey story is adapted from Fantastic Fables by Ambrose Bierce)

A Mother’s Night

I woke up in the mid of night to find my daughter standing by the door complaining she couldn’t go to sleep. By unspoken agreement, my young son got up before dawn to give me very fresh morning kisses and cuddles.  One in the late night, one the early morning, what a pair.

Heavy Workloads for UK College Staff

According to a survey carried out by Professor Gail Kinman from the University of Bedfordshire on behalf of the University and College Union (UCU), nine out ten lecturers in further education find their job stressful.

Having been working in high education for many years, I can’t agree more with the survey.

Read more about the survey here.


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