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Little Boy George Wants to be a Bird

Little boy George wants to be a bird
So he is a bird.
He wants to have wings that spread
So he has wings that spread.
He wants to fly into the sky,
He flies into the sky.

Monkey’s New Trick

The monkey had never seen it looked so lovely and its rosy-cheeked fruit glowed wonderfully under the sunlight. The monkey couldn’t wait no more. He said its name twice and asked for a taste of its fruit with a ‘please’.

Illustration from Oscar the Wishing Boy

Oscar the Wishing Boy and Miranda the Rich Girl

Miranda Grannda is a rich girl. She came to the island of Wishington to meet Oscar McKenzie the wishing boy. “I’m terribly bored. Give me something exciting, that I haven’t wished for already,” said Miranda the rich girl to Oscar the wishing boy.

Oscar the Wishing Boy and the Fake Santa

Then the most dreadful thing happened — she pulled the beard off Santa’s face

Oscar the Wishing Boy and His Train Ride

“Put your gold peg away. We’ll do a train journey today. There’s no need for it.” said Mum to Oscar the wishing boy.’